16 November 2018 at 20:00


Singer, author and composer of Lebanese origin, Yasmine Hamdan brilliantly combines traditional music genres, hip-hop and electronic music and sings in French, English and Arabic. Today, throughout the Arab World she is a real underground Icon. 
Yasmine Hamdan was one of the first Middle Eastern artists to adopt the codes of Indie music. Within the group Soapkills and in solo, she beautifully combines her oriental heritage with electronic music, folk and current pop. “Hal”, a song she sings in Jim Jarmusch’s movie Only Lovers Left Alive is emblematic of her many influences  and of her immense talent.
She pursued her musical exploration with Al Jamilat (2017) – “Les magnifiques” au féminin, followed by Jamilat Reprise (remix album released in June 2018) whose title is borrowed from an eponymous poem, an ode to Mahmoud Darwich’s wife; in it, she questions current events underway in the Arab world. 
Yasmine Hamdan is a modern-day nomad who has lived in half a dozen countries fully immersed in diverse cultures. It is not surprising that the creation of Al Jamilat took the form of a trip during which she collected sounds and ideas from the different countries. This further enriched her musical universe and the socio-political dimension in her texts. For the recording, she has collaborated with British producers Luke Smith (Foals, Depeche Mode, Lily Allen) and Lea Abrahams (Brain Eno, Carl Barât, Regina Spektor).
Since 2017 she has been on tour with her group around four continents, and never ceases to captivate audiences at major venues and festivals.