9 March 2019 at 14:30


14:30 Doors open
15:00 Opening ceremony
15:15 Rakugo Performance
16:30 Nihon-Buyō Performance


Rakugo is the traditional Japanese art of comical storytelling and literally means “fallen words.” Blending gesture and speech, the storyteller, or rakugoka, interprets different roles at the same time. The rakugoka wears a kimono and does not use either costumes, sets or props except two accessories: the fan and the tenugui (cloth napkin). With these, he can become any character or reproduce the endless gestures of everyday life. Rakugo is a simple form of entertainment, which is accessible to all. It is based on the storyteller’s ability to describe a story and its universe, and their ability to stir the public’s imagination. 
A French rakugoka based in Tokyo, Cyril Coppini performs Rakugo shows in Japanese and French. In 2011, he won third prize in the International Rakugo Tournament in Chita. Since then, he has actively contributed to disseminating Rakugo abroad.

Nihon-Buyō is a traditional Japanese dance dating back 400 years whose origins derive primarily from Kabuki (Japanese traditional drama from the Edo period). Nihon-Buyō has inherited techniques from traditional performing arts, including Noh musical drama, and has evolved with the addition of newer techniques, notably from more popular performing arts.
Atelier Nihon-Buyō has been teaching traditional dance classes in Geneva for the past 25 years. The 2017 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Award was conferred on Ms. Keiko SUGAWARA, Director of these workshops, for teaching Nihon-Buyō. 
This event is jointly organised by the Consulate of Japan in Geneva, the Japan Club of Geneva and the International School of Geneva.